Way Overdue Quick Takes

Way Overdue Quick Takes

I think I started working on these at the beginning of December and just never got around to posting them.


  “Miss Jelsie and the New York Firefighters” aka “Miss Jelsie and the Heads,” a video I shot back in October.

I’ve been meaning to post this video for a while. Never got around to it; but the Christmas season seems like a great time to share it since the origin of the name Miss Jelsie was Sophie’s mishearing of in excelsis Deo. Miss Jelsie is one of my favorite of Bella and Sophie’s collaborations, a long involved story, or is it a game? that they can spend hours immersing themselves in. This is Bella trying to explain it to me yet again. 




Anthony might not be two till February, but he’s already mastered the phrase, “I do it!”




We made gingerbread men before Christmas and I let the kids decorate them with currants. Ben decided to make his anatomically correct. And that’s all I have to say about that.



Photos from November’s trip to the Museum of Fine Arts to look at the Egyptian collection.

The amazing thing was that I was able to stand up again after crouching down to read the plaque.

Bella is still going strong with her Egyptian fascination. We’re still working our way through some of the books we have out from the library.

Dom caught this great shot of all of us looking into one of the mirrors in the rotunda, looking at the murals by Sargent.



I’ve been getting a little bit of sewing done here and there. Mainly on Sunday afternoons but I got a bit done on one or two weekday afternoons too, trading a clean house and a hot dinner for a mess and tuna sandwiches and a quilt top almost completed. I started this quilt back when I was expecting Ben. Now it’s going to Anthony since Ben decided he liked the one I was working on for Anthony a bit better.

Ben’s quilt is pieced together and I’m in the process of quilting it.

I doubt any of my projects will be finished before Lucia arrives; but I am really enjoying having my recreational sewing time back even in small chunks. I’m remembering that sewing is so refreshing in part because it moves to a precisely defined end. Sewing projects give me a feeling of accomplishment that I can’t quite get with housework and raising kids and schoolwork and writing for my blog. At some point a quilt is done and you give it to someone and they are happy. And in the meantime I can see something growing under my fingers that doesn’t get undone by the end of the day. I’m wondering if there’s any way my Lucy will allow me to keep up with my sewing after she arrives. Oh that would be so lovely.


Bella and Sophie holding Lucia’s new blankie. So excited about their new sister! So grateful to dear Charlotte for the lovely present. I am so relieved that even if I don’t ever get around to making Lucy her own quilt, she will have something that was handmade just for her.


And that’s now out with the old and making room for in with the new. Brace yourselves for a bombardment of new baby photos.




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