Fun with Photobooth: Lunch with Anthony

Fun with Photobooth: Lunch with Anthony

What’s that you’re eating, Mama? My favorite toddler likes to climb up onto my lap and to eat out of my bowl. Fat fingers grabbing food and shoving it into his mouth no matter how messy—today it’s beef stroganoof. (Though he does at least use a napkin when they get too coated.) Then when he gets bored, he grabs my fork and tries to feed himself or tries to shove food in my mouth. For his grand finale he puts his fingers in my glass. It’s great mealtime entertainment.

Photo on 6-21-12 at 12.24 PM

Photo on 6-21-12 at 12.25 PM #4

Photo on 6-21-12 at 12.27 PM #3

Photo on 6-21-12 at 12.29 PM #4

Photo on 6-21-12 at 12.30 PM #7

Photo on 6-21-12 at 12.29 PM #2

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  • Hooray for the farmers market! looks like the herbas and flowers and veggies are really rolling in….. Thanks for bringing us with you….

  • A little tip when kids are tired of walking: in our old Graco Duo-glider I used to put the heaviest kid in front seat, then lay down the back seat and put next-heaviest kid behind the baby, with the legs hanging over the side of stroller.  Or have middle-size toddler stand on back foot rest while holding on to the front seat.  I sometimes pushed 4 little ones this way for short stretches.  (Did have to replace my back wheels once, but the seat held up)

  • Strawberries, was my first thought (re: hives). Remember, people can develop a sensitivity to pretty much anything, at any time, even though they were fine with whatever it was before. Especially foods.

  • Christine, Your method sort of presupposes kids who won’t push and shove each other. I don’t think ours will put up with being in such close quarters.

    Karen, They do look rather like mosquito bites; but many of them were more amorphous. And my hives look the same. If there was any way a swarm of mosquitoes could have got into his bedroom, I might go with that but they appeared suddenly when he’d been sleeping and hadn’t been outside for a while.

    The Benadryl made the hive go away yesterday afternoon but then they reappeared this morning, looking like red bumps without the white middles but in the exact same places. Giving him Benadryl again this morning did not make them go away.

    We’ll have to keep an eye on it to see if he’s developed a sensitivity to say strawberries. I suppose if it happens again, that would be a clue.

  • Ben’s hives look like mosquito bites to me.  My five year old reacts very dramatically to mosquito bites, and always gets them on his face and neck (or legs).  I should start giving him Benadryl (bad Mommy!)