Welcoming Sweet Spring

Welcoming Sweet Spring

Anthony, get that stick out of your mouth!

Seriously, baby, you’re going to hurt yourself!

This has been a strange year altogether. We had almost no snow this winter and it was unbelievably mild. Even February, which usually drags in endless days of extreme cold, seemed to fly by and we had a few days of shirtsleeve-and-barefeet weather in the middle of January and February. March was positively balmy. We had days when it was so warm I had to turn on the AC. The AC! In March!

Mom, you took my stick!

My stick!

I can’t tell is he’s still crying or if he’s laughing now. I think he’s laughing.

In that context the first flowers of spring, the crocuses and daffodils and grape hyacinths, the first robins too, though incredibly welcome, almost take a back seat to the actual weather. We need no harbingers to pin our hopes on that warm weather will come eventually. Who pours over the wedding invitation when the bride and groom are dancing their first dance?

Now the forsythia is all aglow and the red maples are a blushing haze and the children are delighting to spend long days out of doors. I played ball with Anthony and Ben and Sophie. I gave Bella blankets to have picnics on. I even tried to get Dom to play hooky so we could go to the beach; but in the end he couldn’t make it happen.

Smiling Sophie

Four! Is she really four?

That’s her Christmas dress with a soft fabric flower thrust through the sash.

These pictures are from Sunday morning after Mass a couple of weeks ago. Anthony and Sophie and Bella couldn’t be lured inside. They had to linger on the front lawn, drinking in the glorious sunshine.



Except this week we have had a wee bit of a relapse. This morning was 37 and it seems rather like a betrayal after the promises that spring has been posting. Still, the grass int he yard is a lovely green and I know that soon, soon, soon, we will be drenched in long summer days that never end.

Anthony is quite adept at climbing in and out the front door.

He escapes to the front yard every chance he can get and I’ve had to give Ben a stern lecture about asking permission to go out into the front and making sure he shuts the front door all the way. I trust Ben to be out there by himself but not Anthony, of course.

We have ordered our seeds for our garden. Easter will come before we know it. Oh this is a glorious time of year. Even on gray days like today there is a thrill of spring and green and poking things and blooming things and rushing wings. I need to remember to get out and enjoy it when it warms back up.

Crocuses, Mom! Azaleas! Honey bees!

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