still sick

still sick

We all seemed on the road to recovery with just lingering coughs and runny noses, which are annoying enough; but then on Wednesday Anthony suddenly had a fever again and spent the day moaning miserably in my arms. So Thursday we went to the doctor and sure enough he has an ear infection. The last three days have been very long stretches of me holding Anthony while he moans and screams or snores and sleeps fitfully. There have been a few stretches where he was willing to crawl around and play; but they have been short lived. He is a most unhappy little baby. (Who is on the verge of walking, by the way. He’s taking six or seven steps at a time between the couch and the coffee table.)

I’m really not looking forward to Monday, when I have to make an appearance for jury duty at 8 am. Why oh why did I not postpone it until later in the year?!

There is so much I want to write; but it will have to wait until I no longer have a sick baby.

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  • Oh, how wonderful. I searched, in vain, for such a book after my two miscarriages (December 19, 2006 and March 13, 2009). I’m so glad there is a Catholic book about miscarriage grief available now!

  • Oh, I am ordering this! Your mention of your Sophie’s birthday reminded me of when our first miscarriage occurred. We lost our first baby very early on March 4, 2006 – my husband’s birthday. Philomena was born on March 3, 2008. Two years apart, but such a healing for both of us.

  • Melanie—Thank you for introducing this book. Thank you for having such a compassionate heart. Those words I penned that day have had such a deep response, I know that many mothers are looking for a hope to hold on to. I know Karen’s book will be a great source of encouragement for many. I cannot wait to read it myself.

  • Thank you for reviewing this book.  I have often wondered why I have been spared the pain of miscarriage (so far).  Now I know exactly what to give to a grieving parent.

    P.S. I will think of your Francis often, as Feb 25th is my birthday and the birthday of my son, John-Paul.