The Best Christmas Present

The Best Christmas Present

For Christmas Dom gave me a new website. It’s the best kind of present because I can share it with all my friends.

I don’t like change much and so the new blog isn’t radically different. Think of it more as a facelift. The banner picture is the same because, well, it just wouldn’t feel like my blog without Miranda gazing out to sea. The color scheme is about the same, and of course the words are all the same. But it does feel new and clean and oh so inspiring! There are a few new features in the new format. The RSS feed will now give you the full blog entry instead of just a stub. (I’m afraid you will have to resubscribe because the address has changed.) I now have an About Me Page…finally. That’s been in the works for years but I’d just never got around to creating it. The layout is cleaner and more legible. The categories will be more usable for navigation because I’ll be able to put posts into more than one category.

I still have some housekeeping to do. My blogroll is a mess and I have to rebuild it. There are the aforementioned categories, which need to be applied to blog entries. I’m wandering through the rooms right now admiring all the space and wondering what to do with it all.

So, tell me what you think. Please do let me know if you encounter any problems. And let’s hear a round of applause for my wonderful husband who gave up several of his vacation days to work on my website! Hip, hip, hooray for Dom!!!!

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  • I love Anthony in this video. So adorable. I love those expressions of joy when it isn’t just a smile … he is joy with his whole body. So precious!