Picture Books for All Saints

Picture Books for All Saints

Some time ago someone asked me for a list of some of our favorite saints books and I keep remembering and feeling bad that I’ve never got around to writing it up. I was thinking of that request again today both because of today’s feast and because I checked a lovely saints book out from the library last week that I’d love to add to our personal collection. (Not by design that picking it up from the library. A happy coincidence—or shall we say a nudge by an angel?—led me to spot the book on the shelf and to remember I’d enjoyed it the last time I checked it out. I didn’t remember at the time that All Saints was fast approaching.)

But as it turns out I’m too tired to even attempt anything like an exhaustive list.

So I’ll just mention the library book and give you a rain check on other saints books:

The book was More Saints: Lives and Illuminations, which is obviously a sequel to Saints: Lives & Illuminations.

The main reason to get this book is that it has beautiful pictures. Really lovely artwork wins my heart every time and will almost lead me to overlook slightly less beautiful text. Fortunately in this case that is not an issue.  There is a nice solid page of text for each saint, not just a few sentences, and it manages to do what almost all children’s compendium saints books like this fail to do: it tells interesting, engaging stories that make these saints into real people not just cardboard cutouts. There’s a really nice selection of saints who are old favorites and some that are new to us.

These are books I really should add to the Christmas gift list because even though it’s available from the library, we won’t check it out every time and this is a volume worth having at my finger tips.

Well, there you go. I’m trying very hard not to let the perfect be the enemy of the good. I wanted to give you a nice fat list of all the saints books we have; but Anthony needed me more this evening. So instead I’ve given you just two that we don’t have. Still, it’s more than you maybe had before.

Now tell me, what are your favorite saints picture books?



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