All Saints

All Saints

Woke up early and out of the door early so we could go to Mass with Dom at the pastoral center. The kids had pb&j and milk in the car. We got there jut before the Gloria. So not on time but not too wretchedly late. At least everyone there knows us and likes the kids so no hairy eyeballs pointed our way. The liturgy was beautiful and simple as always. I love going to the chapel.

We didn’t stay long. Dom had a busy day ahead of him. But we got to meet Sister Olga who we’ve been hearing about for months and months. She invited us to come and visit her convent and I’m really looking forward to that.

When we got home (after a stop at CVS to buy toilet paper and chapstick) the kids made a beeline for their candy hoards. They began to sort and arrange and investigate. I gave in to the inevitable and told them they could eat a few pieces of candy while I went to put Anthony down for his morning nap.

I came out I found three children sitting on the couch looking penitant. “I’m sorry, Mama,” Bella spoke up for the group, “I ate more than a few candies. I know you told me only a few but I ate more than that.” Then Ben and Sophie chimed in too with a chorus of, “I’m sorry, Mama.”

Oh it was so very cute it was all I could do not to laugh. I gravely told them it was ok and when Bella said she was afraid I’d be mad I told her I was very glad they’d ‘fessed up and I wasn’t mad because they’d told the truth. I think this is the first time she’s ever confessed (what she thought was) a big mistake. It was so sweet how scared she was and yet how eager to clear the air. A good step towards sainthood made on this beautiful feast day.

I hope that next year the kids will be able to dress up as their favorite saints for All Saints Day. This year their Halloween costumes were gleaned from the dress up box. I didn’t have pre-made fittings for their favorite saints. I think I need to invest in things that can easily become a Franciscan or a Carmelite or a Domenican. Their favorites are St Francis, St Therese, St Rose of Lima. Mary is a favorite too, of course. And St Elizabeth. So I think a couple of black robes and some brown robes, and some blue ones some white fabric that can become veils…. But if I’d had time to sew we wouldn’t have been scrounging. Maybe I can keep an eye out for something that will do or maybe I can plan far enough ahead…. Our parish lets the kids in costume join the procession on the Sunday before All Saints. The girls would have liked that. Hopefully next year…

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  • Hi—found your blog via The Anchoress.  When I saw the name, I thought, “I’ll bet she went to the University of Dallas.”  Did a search and found that you did.  So funny.  I’m an UD English grad (1988) with an M.Phil. in Anglo Irish Lit from Trinity in Dublin.  I’m putting your blog on my favorites list and looking forward to reading a fellow UD alum.grin

  • Hi, Melanie,

    Thank you so much for your touching (and funny!) review of my book! I’m so thrilled that your children are ALL enjoying it so much.

    I wrote the book for my youngest son, who is also a truck-crazy kid. I’m pleased to know that it’s striking a chord with other families as well.

    With gratitude,
    Sherri Duskey Rinker
    Author, Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site

  • Kristen and Dwija, Yes, this is definitely going under the Bettinelli Christmas tree.

    Colleen, Hooray for UD English Majors! Please do drop by often.

    Sherri, Thank you for stopping by. I’m a bit embarrassed because I accidentally posted an unfinished rough draft of a review rather than a finished piece.