Rumer Godden, Tour Guide

Rumer Godden, Tour Guide

While living in Rye, Rumer Godden and her husband lived in Lamb House, a historical house that had been associated with many famous writers including Henry James. Although there were two guides to give tours, occasionally she had to help out. She writes:

It could be amusing. “Is it true that Rumer Godden lives here?” one lady asked me, and when I said “Yes,”
“Do you see much of her?”
“Far too much,” I answered truthfully.
“Oh!” she was taken aback. “Is she . . . temperamental?” She was too polite to say, “Horrid.”

~from A House with Four Rooms

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  • These are GREAT photos. I can’t believe how big Ben looks or how cute both boys are. I really love it that your house looks like mine (i.e. lived in). You may not have everything together but it seems as if you have the most important things together.

  • youtube is also really great for inspirational stuff (like handicapped people doing amazing things, physically challenged people winning races, etc)- if my kids say “i can’t”- I make them watch what people can do