A Thousand Thanks or God’s Perfect Timing

A Thousand Thanks or God’s Perfect Timing


A couple of weeks ago, a lovely reader of my blog offered to send me a book I’d mentioned I was looking for. She’s moving and downsizing her book collection and wanted to give it a good home. I was having a hard time with Ben and all and she wanted to cheer me up and was too far away to take me out for a cup of tea and a chat. So I took a chance and ignored the little voice of doubt in my head that questioned whether it was really a good idea to send my address to a complete stranger.

See that card with the pink roses? That’s a birthday card!! I mentioned to Mary that my birthday was coming up and that the book would be a special treat. Indeed, the package arrived before the octave of my birthday was out. God’s perfect timing indeed!

Then last week I stumbled across a negative comment in the comment section of another blogger’s site that was quite disparaging to me and my blog. The author didn’t mention me by name but it was clear she meant me. She had completely misunderstood what I had written and it hurts to be misunderstood. Even though I shouldn’t care what an unknown stranger thinks of me, it is hard to be disliked, especially on the basis of things I hadn’t actually said. While I tried to shrug it off as best I could, I kind of wondered about whether this whole blog thing might not be a mistake. Is it really wise to pour my heart out here in public for every passing stranger to take potshots at?


But today something happened that not only reaffirmed me in my faith in humanity and in my blog readers but helped me to remember all the other wonderful times I’ve made connections with and received graces from the generous, marvelous, beautiful readers of this blog: the UPS guy knocked at the door and when I opened the door on the mat I found a box with my name on it, a package considerably bigger than I had expected. And inside was not just the one but two Rumer Godden books! And what a surprise: little packages in pretty paper with shiny ribbons addressed to each of my children. The boys were napping, but I let the girls open their presents.






The most charming princess crowns I’ve ever seen!

We were all enchanted.



Beautiful crocheted crowns—white yarn with little silver flecks, perfect!—adorned with little ribbon rosebuds. Aren’t they the most precious things ever?



Bella insisted on adding the ribbon from her package to her crown.


And then they had to inspect the other packages and groan about waiting for Ben and Anthony to wake up.


Then Bella had to help Ben open his. She can’t stand by and watch him fumble his way through it. Oh no! She must help him out.


A taxi! Someone’s been paying attention! Ben immediately took it over to the coffee table and introduced it to his fleet.


And Anthony needed no instructions to tell him what to do with his new rattle.


Into the mouth it goes!




Thank you so very much, Mary Frances, for brightening our day! Your package was a ray of grace, a balm for the soul, and so much more. I’m glad I have pictures to express what my words cannot say. God bless you and keep you.


And thank you to all my readers who in ways both great and small make this little corner of the internet a place of blessings and a real community where we all can rest in the knowledge of grace and truly experience what it is to be one in Christ.


By the by, we all enjoyed the animal poems over dinner. Bella kept insisting that I say her the next one and the next one. My sister and Dom and I loved them too. But I think I’ll save some of that treat for another blog post….  Just you wait….


Whoopsa baby!

Goodnight, all. May God’s grace rest on you all and bring you laughter and joy and enchantment.




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