8 Quick Takes

8 Quick Takes


1. This morning I realized Anthony’s (size three) diaper was, to put it delicately, not giving him full coverage in the back. Let’s just say he’d have unofficial acceptance in the plumber’s union. This is a recipe for disaster with a boy who can overflow even the best fitting diapers. So I put him in one of Ben’s size five diapers and it fit perfectly. Did he really grow two diaper sizes in the last week?


2. One moment of delight recently: Bella was sitting on the couch across from me and reading a book (Island Boy). She looked up, “I really like the way Barbara Cooney did the Queen Anne’s Lace in this picture, Mama.” Oh it made my geeky mom heart so proud.

3. IMG_0981

Bella and Tree happened to be wearing matching outfits and had matching braids the other day and I just had to catch some pictures of the two of them as they read together.


4. Sophie tries a sparkling wine: “Wine good. It sprinkles your tongue.”

5. What I thought she said: “Jane is reading.”
“Oh good!” says I.
What Sophie really said: “Jane is bleeding.”
(Jane being an imaginary friend.)

6. Recently Sophie sang this little song to her baby brother when he was crying. Melt my heart. “Oh Ni-Ni, Oh Ni-Ni, Oh Ni-Ni, don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry, God made you, God made you, God made you, to be happy, to be happy, to be happy….” And no we haven’t been studying the Baltimore Catechism.

7. Sophie says the Tooth Fairy took all Ni-Ni’s teeth. (This was only days before I discovered his first tooth. Now he’s got two sharp little nubs sticking out of his bottom gum.)

8. Bella looks at the newly cleaned living room and exclaims: “It looks like a desert!” She later clarified that she likes it that way.

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  • I suppose it’s possible that they are night terrors. They don’t seem to match descriptions I’ve found online; but maybe there’s more to night terrors than what I’ve read?