A Walk at World’s End

A Walk at World’s End

Dom put together this short video of our visit to World’s End yesterday. Sadly, much of his footage was lost so he had to fill in with stills.

Still, you get the accurate picture of me as the iPhone-wielding, baby-wearing mama that I am. I know some people who passed us were probably wondering what was wrong with me that I was texting while walking. In reality, I was looking up tree and bird species.

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  • My goodness, that does look like a great party.  How sweet to have so many kids around!  It’s the best.  The absolute best.  I especially love teenagers leaving behind any teenager-centric behavior and letting themselves just be themselves smile.

  • Hi Melanie! Dweej recommended you on her yesterday’s post; so glad she did! It was so fun reading your blurbs on your cute photos. You have an awesome family. My family does things like that too, with prayers, talent shows, etc., at parties. Our spouses have gotten used to it and now it’s spreading out into the other families! Great traditions. LOVE that you guys read the Declaration of Independence. All those gorgeous kids are very, very blessed. smile

  • Thank you, Idoya, I appreciate the prayers.

    Eden, Welcome! I’m so glad you dropped by.
    It’s so true. I not only married an awesome guy but also married into an amazing family. I am so blessed.

    Katherine, Truly it was and we are!

  • Valerie, That’s a good possibility. Guess I need to give in and go buy a round pan.

  • Hi Melanie – just wondering whether a round baking dish rather than the square one might give the result you wanted for your peach shortcake – mixture would be thinner over the bigger area & bake quicker. Best wishes.