7 Quick Takes

7 Quick Takes

1. At bedtime tonight Ben draped his blankie over his head like a hood and announced: “I guardian angel.” Melt my heart!

2. After that he pulled it down over his face and was running around bumping into stuff. Such a boy!

3. He insisted that Dom brush his teeth while the blanket was pulled over his head, framing his face.

4. Whiles she was getting ready for bed, Bella said that “Pants in the trash can” is French for “Clothes in the hamper.” Ok then.

5. Today at the supermarket Bella read the four-digit codes off the produce and typed the numbers into the digital scale then hit the print button to make labels. Then Sophie scanned the bar codes and Bella put them into the shopping cart. I didn’t realize Bella knew her numbers so well! Impressive. Ben is handier with aiming bar code scanner than Sophie is though.

6. Do other people’s kids beg to be tickled? Mine do. Sophie, Ben and Bella all ask me to tickle them. I think it’s strange but am usually happy to comply. Though I often tire of the game before they do.

7. A piece of music that’s making me happy:

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