Dandelion on Steroids?

Dandelion on Steroids?

Yesterday Bella looked out the front window and spied this weed that looked like a dandelion that had a huge stalk growing up through the azalea bush. It was taller than Bella and had leaves that looked like a dandelion. Today we went out to investigate and take photos.

Bella with the tall weed, her hand’s on the stalk.

Close-up of my hand and Bella’s with the stalk.

Tree and Ben look a bit disturbed by the weed.

It wasn’t hard to uproot though. One yank and out it came.

Bella said it was her sword and went around the yard slaying things.

And then there were these pretty yellow things that sprang up next to the driveway.

Anyone know what they are?

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  • Ditto what Jenn said, with emphasis on the photos and narrative and, well, EVERYTHING.

    Gosh, those boys are yummy.

    And the girls, beautiful.

    And oh, how hard it’s been to start weaning MY Anthony this week! Enjoy those busy breastfeeding moments, Melanie—I know you do—because gosh, we have to stop SOMEtime and I guess it should be before they’re 15. smile

  • Melanie, my oldest daughter is the same way as you described Bella- always paralyzed by fear of imperfection.  Often doubts herself even though she is, I think quite literally, brilliant.  Always hanging onto the “what ifs” and never reaching for the “what could bes”.  I often wonder where I went wrong with her, but realize we didn’t make them that way.  They were born that way.  BUT it is in our power to be superfluous in our praise to balance out their natural inclination to self-criticism…and that is something I’ve only recently got better at doing.  After 10 years.  Sigh.

    Thank you for this wonderful post!

  • Your kids are great. I do think, after reading Dwija’s comment, that maybe this is a cross all oldest children who are also girls have. I’m an eldest child, and that describes me well. My daughter is VERY easily frustrated with herself and doesn’t always like to try things she thinks she might mess up. It’s weird, because normally she’s fearless. Thanks for reminding me to go easy on her, and thanks, Dwija, for reminding me to be superfluous in praise.