April Book Notes

April Book Notes

My book notes are not very exiting this month. I finished The Brothers Karamazov on Good Friday. I feel quiet a sense of accomplishment and am dying to have a good discussion about it so I can go back and re-read it for comprehension. Feel free to tell me why you love the Karamazovs.

Then I began Till We Have Faces, Mrs Darwin’s April selection for Reading for Believers. I’m a little more than halfway through that. This is my second or third time through. I’m still at that stage of feeling like there’s something I don’t quite get but I definitely see more than in previous reads. I definitely think my reading comprehension is dimmed somewhat by doing it in bits and pieces, usually while nursing the baby. I feel like my brain is only engaging at three quarter speed.

I did pick up Your Baby Is Speaking to You but haven’t even finished reading the introduction, so I’m not sure it counts toward April’s tally.

What are you reading?

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  • What a lovely family treasure you have! You know, I have to say that I love any and all pictures of him, both young and old. Young is the way that I remember him for most of my life, but elderly is how I remember him most clearly, because it was most recently. He truly was a gift to us!