{pretty, happy, funny, real}

{pretty, happy, funny, real}



All these photos were taken by my sister on Palm Sunday weekend. I never got around to posting them last week because Holy Week was crazy.



I just love my sister’s eye. How she makes me see my world in a new way.

Things I take for granted. Things I see every day.

My life is full of magic. Fairies. Fancy. Even a stick can be marvelous. If I just stop to look.

I get my camera back loaded up with photos and every one is a revelation. It is hard to decided which ones to share. They all are so full of life.


A little man with big ideas.

Bella says, “I just love the worm.”



I welcome the messiness of spring. Mud pies. Sand on the back step and on the table. I found mud spattered on the side of the house where an enthusiastic child had flung it.

Piles of boots by the back door.

Yes, being able to see the beauty in boots is a good thing.

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