Blessed Feast of St Gianna

Blessed Feast of St Gianna


Today is the feast of St Gianna Beretta Molla, one of my favorite saints. And though the day is almost over I can’t let it pass without a word about one of my favorite saints. St Gianna is such a beautiful patron for mothers. She was a physician who poured herself out for her patients and treated them all with love. She was a mother who poured out her life for her child to the very end.

St Gianna, help me to embrace the hard parts of my vocation. Help me to die to self as you did and to live for Christ, to be the face of Christ for my children.

I just love this prayer that she wrote:

Jesus, I promise You to submit myself to all that You permit to befall me; make me only know Your will. My most sweet Jesus, infinitely merciful God, most tender Father of souls, and in a particular way of the most weak, most miserable, most infirm which You carry with special tenderness between Your divine arms, I come to You to ask You, through the love and merits of Your Sacred Heart, the grace to comprehend and to do always Your holy will, the grace to confide in You, the grace to rest securely through time and eternity in Your loving divine arms. Amen.

Today I also pray that St Gianna intercede most especially for all expectant mothers, especially those for whom pregnancy is a cross. May they bear their crosses with her help.

More on St Gianna here. And here too.

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  • So Cute! I love that God hand picks our babies birth order for us, giving us exactly what we can handle. Baby Tess is so social, she only cries when she’s lonely. A perfect fit for the fourth child!

  • Kathy, confusion and consternation… that’s it exactly!

    Abigail, so true! My oldest was the fussiest child who could never bear to be put down. We had to sleep in shifts because she’d never sleep for more than a couple of hours at night, if that. She’d have been a disaster as a fourth child because there’s no way I could hold Anthony as much as Bella wanted to be held or be up with him at night as much as I was up with her. Truly God never gives us more than we can handle. Here’s to happy fourth children!