to Katherine of Having Left the Altar who is now a happy Mommy to FOUR girls!

Teresa Marie was born at 4:50 this morning. 8 lbs. 5 oz., 20 3/4 in.

Many prayers of thanksgiving!

I am so tickled because Katherine, who has been a regular commenter on my blog almost since the beginning, has thus far matched me child for child. This is the first time, though, that I have had mine first, her older three are all just a little bit older than my oldest three. Such a pleasure to be able to share her joy!

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  • When my BigBoy was a toddler, he would walk around, pick up one of his sisters’ dolls, throw it over his shoulder and pat it’s back. Then he would yell “BURP!!”, throw the doll on the ground and walk away. Didn’t take us very long to see that he remembered a Daddy’s job is to burp the baby and he was practicing on their dolls. (To my husband’s credit, he never threw our babies on the floor once the job was done! smile Now, my oldest son was the truck lover. Any kind of vehicle really; trains, helicopters, motorcycles, you name it.  My second son, while he enjoys vehicles, actually loves soft fuzzy stuffed animals. He loves to rub his face in some soft fleecy fur as he goes to sleep. While he prefers cats, his tastes have leaned towards the exotic… no teddy bears. So far he has a meerkat, two white tigers, a camel and an ocelot.

  • Charlotte, that’s so sweet. I love how different they are. I can’t wait to see what Anthony will be like.

  • When my oldest son was about 1 1/2 he had some Thomas the Tank Engine trains. He slept in a trundle bed and they (there were 5 of them) needed to be lined up by his bed each night before he went to sleep. He knew who they were and which one was missing—in which case we would have to search the house for them. The names of the trains were some of the first words he spoke clearly. My current 2 year old has some wooden saint “dolls” that she calls her “people” and she likes them next to her pillow at night. I love it when children develop their own bedtime routine.