7 Quick Takes: Photo Friday

7 Quick Takes: Photo Friday


1. Tonight Bella announced: “Our house is so beautiful!”

Me, a bit taken aback: “Oh, what do you like?”

“Well… the gold frames on these pictures…. And all the blue and red, like the blue couch and your chair. The red blanket and lots of red books…. On the outside of the house the blue color. That is so beautiful….”

I tend to see spots of beauty in an otherwise utilitarian house. But Bella sees only beauty.

2. I find myself without much to say; but the pictures speak for themselves. Mostly we’ve been snuggling with Anthony.

Grandma and Anthony

My mom went back to Texas yesterday. We miss her already


Granddad with Anthony and Ben

But my dad is here! Yay!


The detail in this picture that gets me is the sun shining through Anthony’s ear. Little warm glow.


Granddad reads to Bella

Bella has been in heaven with Granddad to read to her.


Anthony watches Bella


Bella holds Anthony

Anthony has a new nickname in addition to Ben’s “A-oh-nie” (Or “Nie” for short). I’ve also taken to calling him “Little warm and tasty”. We’ve been reading lots of Mouse Count.


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  • Melanie, a beautiful post!

    I’ve got “Name” (coming up soon) and it’s funny (though not surprising) that we had several very similar thoughts in our meditations! smile