March Is Sill Roaring

March Is Sill Roaring

Yesterday Sophie got her first haircut. It wasn’t really planned. I was just going to take Bella so the two of us could get much needed trims.But Sophie really wanted to come. She even volunteered to go first.

She sat and the stood so still, so calm. I think the stylist was surprised.

Bella was good too. And Ben waited patiently for us without a word.

We had lunch at Panera afterward. Yum! What a treat!

We also had snow mixed with sleet. Welcome, Spring indeed!

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  • This looks so yummy!!  And healthy!  Like you, I’m a mom with four young kids, and I’m wondering if when you cook something like this – do your kids eat it?  My kids would not even touch this, I’m afraid.  And if you’rs don’t eat it, do you cook them something seperate?  This is a big issue in our house about if/when we should cook them something seperate or let them choose not to eat at all….

  • Colleen,

    In this case this was a new recipe for me and I wasn’t sure if my husband would like it either. So my mom also made chicken piccatta (yay for mom visiting!) and rice and we had a green salad and a baked acorn squash as well. The kids ate the chicken, squash, and rice and maybe a cucumber from the salad. (Bella will sometimes eat one or two lettuce leaves.) The peppers didn’t come out of the oven until partway into dinner—bad timing on my part, due in part to forgetting to plan in nursing breaks into prep time— and were rocket hot so I didn’t even try to have them try a bite.

    But… I think that had the peppers been cool enough at the start of dinner, I’d have given each kid a small serving on their plates and asked that the girls each try a bite. Sophie would probably like it, though she’d probably have complained quite a bit before agreeing to take a bite. Bella probably not and might have put up a mighty fight over it.

    We also have the quandary about separate meals for the kids. When I’ve got my planning mojo on, I try to have at least a couple of sides that I know the kids will eat at dinner so we seldom have to do special foods even if they don’t like the main dish. Sometimes I do let them have bread and butter or pb&j, though. Especially if I’ve failed to provide a couple of things they can eat.

    And for certain meal I build in kid-friendly options. For example, on enchilada night, I make up quesadillas for the kids, just simple tortillas with cheese. This isn’t really a separate meal in my mind, just a simplified form of what we’re eating without the sauce. An accommodation but not a separate meal and they don’t have a choice except between the quesadillas and enchiladas. Pb&j would not be an option on that night.

    Also, another consideration…we tend to eat pretty late so I usually let the kids have a fairly big snack (and healthy, cheese and crackers with fruit, etc) at 4ish and for them (especially for Ben)  that’s often really dinner and what they eat when we all sit together they’re really filling in the cracks. It’s more like other family’s bedtime snacks, which we don’t do because they usually get into their pajamas right after diner.

    Figuring out how to have everyone eat at once while making the kinds of foods Dom and I like to eat is definitely a juggling act.