7 Not-so-Quick Takes

7 Not-so-Quick Takes

1. Speak, Lord, your servant is listening.

Last night Bella came stumbling out about an hour after going to bed mumbling, “I’m coming…. I’m coming…. I’m coming, Daddy.” It took us a while to figure out what she was saying. “I’m coming….” and finally, “Here I am, Daddy.” So disoriented, so cute. We made the obligatory Samuel, Samuel jokes and then Dom put her back into bed. No more wake ups after that, though.

2. Beannacht L� Fh�ile P�draig


For last night’s dinner I made lamb stew and soda bread and Indian-style cabbage and carrots. The soda bread came out dense like a rock. I guess I over baked it and probably overworked the protein too. The kids thought this splendid feast was a rather penitential meal. None of them liked the stew or the cabbage. They ate bread and water. Truth be told, I wasn’t all that thrilled with the stew either. It kind of tasted flat. Oh well. But the Guinness I had with my meal made it feel celebratory.

3. Lunch al fresco

Yesterday the weather was so nice. The kids ran around outside without jackets.

And at one point I think the girls were barefoot. I went out barefoot too at one point and ooh the ground was squishy wet.

I was busy making stew so I served them the first al fresco lunch of the year: a plate of pb&j squares and bowls of oranges and grapes.


4. Everyone loves Anthony.

“I’m holding Amphony!” says Sophie

“I fink Amphony loves me!”

The girls have been vying for the chance to hold him. And he gets remarkably calm when I plop him down into their laps. (So long as he isn’t really hungry.)


5. And Ben is just as star-struck. I’ve let him “hold” Anthony for a minute or so and he was in heaven.

Most days Ben wakes up from his nap cranky and especially hates having his diaper changed post-nap. But the other day I was changing Anthony as Ben was getting up and so I put Anthony down on the floor and asked Ben if he wanted to lay down next to Anthony. Ben gladly plopped down and I had the easiest diaper change ever as Ben stared at his baby brother and smiled. 


6. Anthony and the iPad

Except for his nightly scream fest while I take my shower, Anthony is a very calm baby. He likes snuggling with Grandma while she watches videos on her iPad.

7. I’m looking forward to St Joseph’s feast day tomorrow; but I still haven’t decided what Italian delicacy to cook. So many choices and so little time… What are you doing for St Joseph’s feast?


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