Thank You

Thank You

My dear friends, I am so completely overwhelmed. Last night I received in the mail a most wonderful gift. I’ve never been very god at thank yous, either in person or in writing. I’m torn between the desire to say something as quickly as possible and to delay and delay and delay while hunting for words that are adequate to express the profound awe and gratitude I feel at your generosity. But there really are no words that will even come close.

And so all I can say is a humble thank you. Thank you to Amy Welborn and Danielle Bean for organizing and taking up this collection on my behalf. And thank you to everyone who responded to their invitation with such generosity. I wish I could thank each of you individually.

I will write more later when I have decided how I will use your beautiful gift. For now, I am still contemplating all the wonderful possibilities.

God bless you all, my dear, dear friends. You are all remembered in my prayers.

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  • Oh my, those pictures with Bella and Anthony are just PRICELESS!!!  The looks of joy and wonder on both of their faces made my day.  Thanks for sharing!

  • I’m so glad you’re back! I missed you.

    Those smudges on their foreheads also affected me, but Charlotte’s teary insistence that the ashes hurt affected me more. Mortality does hurt. Lent hurts. And this year especially I think it’s a hurt that I needed to feel.

    I do the same with my kids and their pictures. I’ve had just those feelings about Sienna, feeling that I didn’t want to fail her anymore while looking at her picture, feeling that there is so much good in her that I must protect instead of crush with my impatience. And then two minutes later I snap at her for interrupting me and watch her face fall and know that I’ve failed her again. It’s so hard to overcome ourselves for these little people.

  • Lovely pictures of the children, especially Anthony with his ashes.  The picture of your mum with Anthony is one he will treasure when he grows up.

  • I just wish I could have captured the sweetness of the songs Bella was singing to Anthony: Regina Caeli and Silent Night.

    Calah, Exactly.