Greeting Anthony

Greeting Anthony

So Sunday evening around dinner time it became increasingly obvious the contractions weren’t going away. I decided to call the doctor after we got the kids in bed. Of course she told us to go to the hospital. I tossed some things in a bag, gave few instruction to my sister and then Dom and I re off into the cold night. Got to the hospital at about nine, they decided to go ahead and operate immediately. Anthony was born at 11:32, two and a half hours after we checked in. I can’t believe how quick it was. I think it took as long from check in to the OR with Ben, who was a scheduled c-section.

How much easier everything is with baby #4! I feel so calm and confident, knowing what to expect and how to navigate this crazy alternate world that is the hospital. Not that it is without its crosses; but they are by and large familiar. I offer them up and there it is. I’m not on that emotional roller coaster where everything looms larger than life, where it all seems to matter so very much.

The operation itself was relatively smooth. It was an ordeal; but a known one. I faced each challenge, recognized it, named it, offered it in prayer.

tree with anthony

The surgeon was not my OB, of course but the one who was on call. I’d never met her before; but I loved her. She was warm and confident and competent. And by warm I mean she has perhaps the best bedside manner of any attending physician I’ve met. She gave me a hug this morning when she came into my room on her rounds! I only just met her Sunday night and I don’t usually go in for hugging strangers; but she brought my Anthony into the world. Too bad she doesn’t have a practice. I’d switch to her in a heartbeat.

I especially liked that she made a point of telling me about how the scar tissue looks from my previous incisions, reassuring me that I look good and can have plenty more kids. How cool is that?

Doesn’t that just prove God has things in hand? What seemed like a wreck of all our plans turned out so well. I didn’t have time to work myself into nerves about the surgery. We checked into the hospital around 9, Anthony was born at 11:30. I couldn’t believe how fast they got me into the OR.

Recovery has been so much easier as well. I had a full breakfast at 9 am. I was up out of bed about 12 hours after the surgery. In fact with the pain killers I feel like I’ve got about the same flexibility and range of motion as I did in the last few weeks before the birth. At least I don’t have more than ten pounds of baby weight impeding me any more and heaving around inside my pelvis.

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The kids all took to Anthony very well. Even Ben, who has bestowed several kisses on his baby brother. Ben’s only negativity has really been a reluctance to come too near me. Which is actually easier to deal with than a clingy Ben would be.

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My mom arrived yesterday afternoon. The original plan was that she’d have a couple of days to settle in and visit before Anthony’s arrival. Oh well. Ben is slowly warming up to her presence. The girls of course adore having Grandma here.

meeting anthony 3

It’s amazing really how routine this feels. I had a student nurse in this evening and she exclaimed about how much I know about babies, birth, all sorts of things she hadn’t learned yet. It’s nice to be the experienced mom. And it’s wonderful to slip right back into the familiar new baby rhythm.

meeting anthony 4

Thanks to everyone for all the prayers and congratulations. I wish I could respond to everyone individually. God bless you all.

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