Happy B-Day to Me!!! or ‘Now We Are Six’

Happy B-Day to Me!!! or ‘Now We Are Six’

That’s blog day not birthday. Today is the sixth birthday of The Wine Dark Sea. (I wrote a nice long retrospective last year on the fifth anniversary.)

I am honored and privileged that my blog shares a birthday with one of my favorite blogs of all time, Here in the Bonny Glen, where my friend Lissa blogs about books and homeschooling and her bonny clan and her garden and all sorts of wonderful things including hummingbirds in January.

Thank you, as always, to my wonderful readers for making this blog such a haven for me. You guys are the best.

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  • This is unbelievably adorable. It is fantastic how you and your husband read to your children so much and from such fine literature. Do I remember correctly that you don’t have or don’t watch TV?

  • Hope, The truth is I have very low tolerance for bad literature. Especially at the frequency with which one has to re-read to small children. Books that don’t grab me generally go away quickly.

    We do have tv and my husband and I watch it. But almost always after the kids’ bedtime. The kids don’t really watch tv except when there’s a football game or NASCAR race on during the daytime that Dom wants to watch. They do love watching football and racing with daddy. They don’t watch tv programs of their own. But we do let them watch videos on YouTube. Sometimes over and over and over again.