Because Christmas Is Far from Over

Because Christmas Is Far from Over

Today Dom shared with us this adorable video telling of the Nativity story at told by children, a film with high production values made by a church in New Zealand. The kids are in love with it. And so am I. It just doesn’t get any cuter than this.



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  • Ooh, more good stuff to add to my list! You always alert me to such gems.

    I picked up ROOM as soon as my CYBILs stint was over, finished it yesterday. Oh my. So much to say, if I’m able to find the words, but one thing for now—I have never had a book affect me so powerfully in terms of making me want, need, to cuddle my own children. Over the three days I was reading it, I kept having to put it down and go snatch up Huck.

  • Off topic:

    I don’t Twitter

    Re the broken decorations.  Why not put away the breakable ones until the children are older?  I did this and it made Christmas much more enjoyable.

  • If we put them away, I’m afraid we wouldn’t have much to hang on the tree. I’m trying to collect some unbreakable ones, a few new ones each year. But we also have many fragile ones that are meaningful that I enjoy seeing on the tree every year and I’d hate to have them stuck in a box. Of course I’d hate to have them broken too. It’s a hard choice.

  • Kathryn, I think you’ll love both. The Christie biography especially seems right up your alley. And then you can blog about them and reclaim your Bookworm title! wink

    Kate, I look forward to your bookish post.

    Lissa, Oh yes. Room made me want to hold them and read to them and cherish them so very much. I hope you do find time to write about it. And thanks for the nudge, I’ve added it to Semicolon’s roundup.

    Renee, Oooh thrift stores and books. Sounds delightful!!!


  • Re: ornaments.  High on the tree works.  Ask the kids to make ornaments each year.  Whatever they may be – ornate or very simple, they will be your most treasured ornaments in years to come.  Red paper circles and popsicle stick stars are great.  We have a bunch that were made by my oldest son, who couldn’t come home for Christmas this year, and everyone really appreciated the opportunity to talk about him while we were decorating the tree.  And at the ages your kids are, they will be unbreakable. 

    Thank you for the book recommendations, especially the one about the Philippines, which I have now requested from the library.  That oldest son is a Tagalog (Filipino) linguist in the Marine Corps, and I’ll enjoy reading about the culture and history because it will connect me to him.  I pay so much more attention to the Philippines now… that island (Jolo) where the church was attacked on Christmas Day—that island was his first deployment.  He went back to the Philippines last year (2010!! Last year!!), to Zamboanga, and is hoping to return this year. 

    Please keep him in your prayers – and happy and blessed new year to you and yours.

  • I love COnnie Willlis, and ever since I heard that Blackout was incomplete, I’ve been waiting for All Clear to come out. And then I had to spend the last two months reading for Cybils (enjoyable but time-consuming), so NOW I can look forward to reading Willis’s two parter.

    Thanks for contributing to the Saturday Review. Happy New Year!