Christmas Blizzard

Christmas Blizzard

So it snowed all day yesterday and all night. We got over 16 inches as best we can tell. Dom has a snow day. And spent most of the morning working hard, clearing out the driveway. Even with a snow blower, clearing all that heavy wet snow took several hours.

Not much of a vacation, I suppose.

It took forever to get all the kids suited up to go out and then Ben had a meltdown. Bella slipped out while I was still trying to reconcile him with his snow boots and mittens. She said, “My legs fit the snow!” Eventually Auntie Tree had to come to my rescue and got Ben to stop screaming.

He stood on the back step, refusing to move until she got her boots and coat on and came outside.

After a minute he gave up on standing and it became a sit in.

Sophie kept getting stuck. I tried to remind her to walk where Bella and I had already trampled the snow down a bit. On the one hand I was pleased she was so short because she still fit in the 2T snowsuit. I haven’t been able to find a 3T at Target yet. On the other hand, were she taller, the drifts would be much less intimidating.

Finally Auntie Tree tried to pull Ben in the sled. Unfortunately it kept tipping over. It did well in a few inches of snow; but it’s not well suited to this deeper stuff. Maybe I need to get a new sled.

Still, it was enough to keep him amused for a few minutes.

Walking through this snow was not easy even for me. Well, I am also seven months pregnant. I’m not so flexible anymore and my lung capacity is a bit diminished. Still, lovely to get out and enjoy the day and snap some photos. I was quite impressed with the way the snow stuck to our green bean trellises.

And bowed these branches to the ground. Usually they are high enough I can’t reach them.

I do love a snow day. Never had anything like this growing up in central Texas. I’m still a kid when the white stuff comes down.


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  • One of the best things about homeschooling is how much I am learning. In trying to keep up with Bella’s voracious appetite, I’m gaining a bit of expertise myself.

    I wish I had a camera like this one all the time! My little point and shoot can’t do this.

    Kate, If I were in Georgia, I’d have been thrilled at your white Christmas.

  • Thanks for the lovely pictures of the birds.  I don’t dare set up a bird feeder for fear it would become a cat feeder.  We have two wonderful cats who are good hunters.  Wish I could get them to stick to mice.  But I do like looking at the birds … so thank you!