A Blusterous Day at the End of the World

A Blusterous Day at the End of the World

Boston sky line

Today we visited World’s End in Hingham. Our first visit, but I’m sure not our last. Such a beautiful place!

Me and the girls. They insisted I walk down the hill with them.

It was a chilly October day though and very, very windy even inland. We’re still in the tail end of a Nor’Easter that hit this week bringing very fall-like weather.

Bella was so tired after hiking up the hill she had to lie down to enjoy the view.

Out on the peninsula the winds were strong and of course we hiked up to the highest point in the park where there was a beautiful view of the Boston sky line and lovely views out over the harbor toward Hull. And the winds whipped at us fiercely. Bella said she thought it was pretty but she didn’t like the wind.

Fixing Sophie’s hat

I’m so glad I didn’t have one of those flaky mom days where I forgot to dress the kids appropriately! Instead I made sure everyone had long sleeved shirts and jackets and made the girls wear tights under their skirts. I remembered to grab warm hats and an extra jacket for each of them and I’m so glad I did. They definitely needed the extra layers. As it was we only stayed at the top for a short time before Ben started fussing and Bella started whining. Only Sophie didn’t want to leave.

Sophie and my dad. Dom in the background.

We gathered pocketsful of pinecones and acorns and fists of autumn leaves. Grandad pointed out a bunch of little white flowers to Bella: “Look, Bella, flowers!” She correctly identified them for him: “Asters, Grandad.” My little budding naturalists! My heart swelled.

Me and my sweeties. Yeah, it’s not just the bulky jacket. I look about five months pregnant in this shot. Good thing I am.

Sophie with string cheese

My guys: Dom, Ben, my dad

Colorful Bella poses on the bridge. The jacket hides how truly awesome this outfit was. Underneath is a blue and yellow striped shirt under a blue pullover sweater, a yellow skirt. And her bright pink shoes are cut off too.

We wrapped up our expedition with lunch at Jake’s in Hull. Steamers, calamari, lobster and mac-n-cheese for the kids! Then home and naps. Traveling to the end of the world and back is exhausting.

More photos here.

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  • Melanie,  You do know Jill Murphy’s “Five Minutes Peace”, right?  If not, get thee to the library.  When read to children, you get the peace… and lots of giggles.

    Not that your children ever quarrel, but you might also enjoy “No Fighting, No Biting,” by Else Holme Minarek (bonus: illustrations by Maurice Sendak). 

    And (perhaps, after Tuesday), “When Mom Turned into a Monster” – if you can find it.  My oldest two especially loved that book.  Mom has good reasons for growing a long, green tail…