New on the To Be Read Pile

New on the To Be Read Pile


Ben isn’t the only one who got presents yesterday. Check out the three latest additions to my bedside reading pile: Small Steps for Catholic Moms, The Handbook for Catholic Moms: Nurturing Your Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul, and How Do You Tuck In a Superhero?: And Other Delightful Mysteries of Raising Boys! (I know you will kindly ignore the dust on my dresser. That’s left over from Dom’s installation of our new curtain rod. Cleaning it up is on my to do list today. We won’t discuss how long ago Dom put up said curtain rod.)

Dom’s latest hobby has been rounding up spare change and turning it into Amazon credit. The Coin Star machines at the local supermarket don’t charge fee if you get credit instead of cash, which is no hardship to us. So we had a bit of credit and when I ordered Ben’s presents, I added a few treats I’ve been longing to have for myself.



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  • Hubby and I just watched Ben’s birthday video and at the end, Sean said, “He’s such a sweet, quiet little boy!” I thought you’d get a chuckle out of the “quiet” part. He certainly is very sweet! Happy Birthday, Ben!

  • Thanks. I did get a chuckle out of “quiet”. Last night while I was cooking dinner, Ben spent the entire time clinging to my leg and screaming. When I put him in his chair with a piece of bread, he screamed some more. Dom remarked, “Wow, he’s got a set of lungs!”

    But Sean isn’t wrong, he can be a very charming, quiet guy. He’s more quiet than not, really.

  • I thought the same thing, “What a quiet house”.  Mine is a zoo comparatively speaking.  I am going to put up a video of our family singing to my Benedict.  His birthday was last week, and he is 17 now. 

    And may God grant your little Benedict many more years in peace, health and happiness!

  • Renee,

    I do think our family is pretty quiet for a family with three small children 4 and under. I suspect that’s because Dom and I are both pretty quiet and the kids don’t usually have to compete with televisions and radios and other noise. But it can get pretty noisy round here. Especially when we are tired and cranky.