Meeting Arwen at Castle Island

Meeting Arwen at Castle Island

This morning we had a lovely outing to Boston’s Castle Island Park where we met the lovely Mosher family, Arwen and Bryan and their adorable children, Camilla and Blaise.

Of course, in the rush to get out on time I forgot my camera. So I have no pictures to illustrate this post. Bad blogger me.

So we left a little late, then I hit a massive detour, a bunch of traffic, and I got lost and couldn’t actually find the park. I stopped to call Dom to help me out and noticed a message on my phone from Arwen, who was lost too. (I really didn’t think my music was on that loud so I don’t know why I didn’t hear the phone.) Eventually we got ourselves sorted out and found each other. I blame the website, which didn’t have a precise address, and the GPS, which for some reason didn’t have the park in its database.  Since we’d planned to meet at nine, being almost an hour late didn’t seem so bad. We just pretended we’d intended to meet at ten and all was well.

It was a perfect New England summer day, clear and with a cool breeze that actually gave us a bit of chill as we were sitting in the shade. We had a wonderful morning chatting and watching the children play. Arwen is just as friendly and funny as I thought she’d be. It was such a treat getting to know her better.

Bella was thrilled that the park is right next to Logan airport and just under the flight path so she got to watch many planes coming in for a landing. Our conversation was punctuated by, “Mama! Mama! Look! Look! A plane!” I had to acknowledge each one. Oh but that is part of the joy of having a four year-old.

Ben and Sophie crashed on the way home and were perhaps a little overstimulated; but that’s part of summer, now isn’t it. I do now owe the kids a beach day since the girls were a little disappointed that we spent all our time at the playground and never made it down to the water.

And now. I think I’m going to call it a night and get to bed early for once. I hope.

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  • Thanks!

    I meant to go back and put in the book info; but evidently got distracted. It’s from
    Blessed Gianna Beretta Molla: A Woman’s Life,  by Giuliana Pelucchi. Obviously written before the canonization.

    I’ve also got St Gianna Molla by Pietro Molla and Elio Guerriero. I don’t think either is especially substantial.

    I suppose biographies in the first generation seldom are. Especially when family and friends are still alive. On one hand, they have interviews with immediate family, on the other hand, there seems to be a sort of diffidence about digging through personal papers and exploring the more intimate details of the life.

  • Melanie, is this from a book?  I have a book on her but would love something more substantial, if there’s anything out there yet.

    Oh . . . and congratulations!!  Praying for you. : )