Today in Pictures

Today in Pictures


I’ve noticed that the girls won’t go play outside in the mornings. I think it’s because the back yard is on the west side of the house and until the sun gets over the roof line the dew lies thick on the grass and they don’t like getting their feet wet.


We were all having a cranky morning and I knew sending the girls out wouldn’t do any good. So we took a walk.


We didn’t go far because Sophie soon got cranky and started crying to go back home. Bella dropped half of the flowers she’d picked. Ben fell asleep in the stroller. Still, the fresh air and exercise did us good.


Bella is especially drawn to a little wooded area at the end of a dead end street a couple of blocks away. We always have to stop and look at the woods. It’s a funny little ritual. Some day I’d like to hike back there with her; but for now our stroller won’t go and trying to navigate by myself with three wee ones is a bit intimidating.


When we got home I tucked sleeping Ben into his bed and then spread out a big piece of butcher paper on the floor and poured tempera paint into some bowls and laid out a bunch of brushes. We painted.



Bella said it looked like wallpaper. She wants to hang it in her room.


The floor got painted and so did the girls.


Bella did help wipe up the floor and then they changed into their swimsuits and ran around in the sprinkler. All fun and games until Bella dumped a pail of sandy/muddy water onto Sophie’s head.


All in all, I think we managed to rescue the morning. I won’t claim no one got cranky and no one fussed and no one yelled; but we made some good memories. It could have been much, much worse.

ben with hair

And at the end of the day, a sleeping baby on my arm. With awesome hair.

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  • I like the part where Sophie tells Bella not to touch.

    “Will it hurt me?”
    “Is it sharp?”br />

    (Or something like that.)
    It just seems like the sort of thing my little sister would say…

  • Yes, I loved the fact that it was sharp. I’d have expected “sun drops” to be hot. Sharp was interesting.