If you haven’t yet discovered Elizabeth Ester, you really should. Not only does her blog have an awesome tag line: “I use my words”; she’s also a great storyteller and a wonderfully hospitable blog host.

On the first Saturday of each month she invites bloggers to share their favorite post (from their own blog) from the previous month. It’s a nice way of finding other great blogs because of course people are putting their best foot forward.

May was hard, I had several pieces I considered. I really liked the way everything came together for MWF Introvert Seeking BFF or The Grass Is Always Greener following a conversation I had with Dom, who suggested the first part of the title. Some blog posts almost write themselves and that’s wonderfully satisfying. Also, this was a chance to revisit a line of thinking about friendship and being an introvert, topics I’ll never reach the end of.

I loved the photos in my Washing Dishes post. And I loved the conversation that followed in the comments to Reasonable Parenting Goals. But I decided to include the follow-up I wrote to that post, which I called The Life of Significant Soil, a title taken from one of my favorite poems by T.S. Eliot. It’s a reflection on motherhood and faith that couldn’t have happened without the wonderful conversations I’ve had with my fellow bloggers. I love the way this online community provides such fertile ground for conversation that help me grow and stretch. And I love the way the photos I’d taken just so happened to perfectly illustrate my thoughts.

Go check out the other Saturday Evening Blog Posts at Elizabeth Ester’s blog. Add your own, if you feel so inclined or just sit down and have a pleasant read.

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