I Hate Mopping Too

I Hate Mopping Too

Browsing through bearing’s archives, I found this old post: Towels are the new mops:

I hate mopping the floor.  Hate, hate, hate it.  So every time I have to do it, I spend the whole time fuming, scrubbing furiously, and thinking about ways I might make the chore faster, easier, less frequent, less odious, or (ideally) obsolete.  So I never seem to do it the same way twice. 

Some of my experimental mopping methods, like the one described in this post, are more fun than others.  But after exhausting a dozen different ideas, ranging from schemes where I mop a tiny section of my floor every day to gadgets like the Swiffer WetJet, I think I’ve come to the following conclusion:

The best way to clean a floor is on hands and knees.

Oh I so agree with everything she says. In the past couple of years I’ve gravitated more and more to simply washing the floor on my hands and knees rather than using a mop and bucket. But I must confess I’ve felt slightly guilty for doing it that way. It somehow felt wrong. it’s nice to have confirmation from an engineer that it actually makes the most sense. Bearing’s got a few pointers that will help me in the future. I’d never thought to actually have two towels, one to wash and one to dry. Can’t believe I missed it; but then I’m not an engineer.

And I can tell you, I was inspired to put it into practice: my dining room floor got washed last night. And it looks so nice!



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  • I also love Trina Schart Hyman.  I particularly love the children’s history books by Jean Fritz that she illustrated—the one about Sam Adams especially.  They’re just wonderful, humorous pictures that really add to the characters. 

    Also, nobody can draw people’s hair as well as she does, I’m sure of it.

  • #1 It is so beautiful when little girls sing! Felicity makes up her own songs whenever she sits on the potty.

    #3 I’ve added it to Cecilia’s wish list. Thanks!

    #6 SO CUTE!

    #8 LOL. Cecilia did that. I was “dada” for long while too until “mama” finally made it’s appearance. Of course, by the time it did, I had been trained to respond to “dada.” That is awesome that Ben is saying so many words!

    #9 I’ve noticed when my girls realize they have an audience. Sometimes they like it and go into performance mode but then other times, particularly Felicity, they can get shy and I get told, “Don’t look at me.” I’ve wondered for a while now if I should try not to let them know I’m watching them to avoid the embarrassment or if it is good and will help them not be shy.

    #11 Cecilia used to do that. “But my baby is crying. She needs me!” Felicity used to fall for it but Cecilia pushed her luck and now Felicity is not that cooperative. I’m sure it won’t be too long from now when Sophie will just say, “I will feed her.”

    God Bless!!!