The Price of Choice

The Price of Choice

First, check out these absolutely amazing videos that red cardigan links to in this post

Then, I really liked the point she made in the comments: 

One of the things I liked about the videos at the site above is that they show living babies in the womb. Pro-lifers argue about the effectiveness of the graphic abortion pictures, but there’s nothing at all graphic about showing an amazingly tiny unborn child moving her hands or responding to a stimulus. I think that women are capable of great generosity in the face of these kinds of images, even when they are in a crisis pregnancy.

The lies about “choice” never really show what a desperate thing abortion is for some women. I’ve heard from some post-abortive women who said the greatest irony of the whole “choice” framing is that abortion is something you do when you don’t believe or can’t believe you have any other choices.

She puts her finger on exactly why I am so opposed to graphic images. They do not, cannot inspire virtue, only revulsion, shame, fear, regret. But shouldn’t we seek more? Generosity, love, courage.

Christianity is not a negative message about how to get out of hell, how to escape the penalty of sin. It is a positive message of love and healing for a broken world. By only warning people of the errors of their ways, we are not showing them true love because we only offer condemnation without offering the hope of redemption.


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