Beause It’s Never too Late to Say Thanks

Beause It’s Never too Late to Say Thanks

While googling my own name (because a friend mentioned in an email that she’d seen my name mentioned somewhere but didn’t include the link.) I stumbled across this blog entry, announcing the winners of a giveaway I’d entered:

November 28�s giveaway, the one-year subscription to mater et magistra, goes to Melanie Bettinelli.  (A confession: This choice was not completely random.  Well, okay, not random at all.  I noticed on Melanie�s blog, which she links with her comment, that she just found out she is pregnant.  You all won�t mind if I direct a prize she entered to win towards her as a way of saying congratulations, would ya?  Congrats, Melanie!)

Somehow at the time I missed this announcement. (Somehow… yeah it could be because I was pregnant and sick and exhausted with trying to keep up with Bella and Sophie while gestating Ben.) Anyway, I got an email from Barry at the time and was so excited to have one. I had no idea that he’d rigged the contest in my favor.

Now, sadly, Barry is no longer blogging and I have no idea if my emailed thank you will even reach him. So I wanted to just put this public thank you out there because I am very moved by his kindness and generosity.

And I should add that I am still loving my mater et magistra. The current issue is in the magazine basket in the bathroom and I am learning all sorts of fascinating things about clouds, iridescence, lesson plans that combine art and science, and Our Lady of Guadalupe.



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