The Light Is on for You

The Light Is on for You


There was an article in today’s Globe about the Archdiocese of Boston’s new initiative for Lent: The Light Is on for You that reminded me that I’ve been meaning to blog about it.

The program began in Washington DC a couple of years ago. I first heard about it last year and thought it was awesome. Every Wednesday evening during Lent every church and chapel in the diocese will be open and offering the sacrament of confession. Additionally, there is a media push to advertise the sacrament and to invite people to come back to it.

The website is a big part of that media push. Dom designed it, though he is not responsible for all of the content. I think he did a great job; but perhaps I’m a bit biased. I do think that I am not at all biased, however, when I claim that they have the single best one-stop site for resources about Confession that I’ve ever seen and perhaps the best online guide to making a good confession.

For me confession is very hard and I need all the help I can get. I never properly got into the habit and it is so hard to cultivate that habit now as an adult and mother of young children with very little flexibility and free time. I think I went once or twice after I made my first confession and then nada, nothing. Until about six years ago when I finally screwed up my courage and went. It’s been very hard to work up into anything like going regularly. So far I’ve been managing two or three times a year. My resolution this year was to go once a month and so far I’ve done that. I think this initiative is awesome and I only hope that it encourages more people to return to the sacrament and more people to make it a regular part of their spiritual lives.

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