James Tissot: The Life of Christ

James Tissot: The Life of Christ

Back in November Mary Ellen blogged about going to the Brooklyn Museum of Art to see the James Tissot exhibit. 350 watercolors of the life of Christ.

  I had never heard of Tissot before but I spent some time at the exhibition website and fell in love. Oh I wished I could have gone to see them in person. I immediately sent links to my mom and then kept on searching. I was delighted to find that Amazon had a book and calendar and added them to my wish list. Next best thing to being able to see the exhibit in person is getting the book, right?

And my mom was so nice as to get both of them for me as an Epiphany present.

I confess I haven’t had much time to look at the book. Most of my day is spent holding a big baby boy. When I’m not holding him, I’m usually cooking, cleaning, or tending the girls. And this book is too big and too pretty to read while nursing a baby. I can’t wait to dive in; but there will be plenty of time.

And in the meantime I have this lovely calendar hanging up in my kitchen. January’s picture is a lovely Magnificat. Mary dressed in colorful striped robes lifting her hands in praise.

Thanks again, Mom!

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  • Birdwatching with kids who love birds is so much fun!  I never gave birds a second thought (“What’s that?”  “A bird.”  “I know, what KIND of bird?”  “I don’t know, just a bird”) until Milo became obsessed with them around age two.  He used to make me read him the guidebook.  He learned to recognize all the species we saw in our yard.  And slowly the rest of the family learned too.  I loved hearing him pipe up “There’s a black-capped chickadee!”

    There are a couple of kids’ bird books around that have sound chips that play bird calls.  It was one of the few times I embraced the “electronic toy that makes noise” concept.  You may also like the Cornell Ornithology Lab webpage (many videos and sound files) and if you are looking for a good read-aloud living book, Thornton Burgess’s _Burgess Bird Book_ is a wonderful way to learn about Eastern birds’ habits—you can read straight through or you can pick and choose chapters based on the birds you see in your area.