Sweet Sleeping Baby

Sweet Sleeping Baby

For the first time in weeks I made it through my nightly shower without Ben waking up!!! (Yes, I shower at night, after the kids are in bed. It is so much easier than in the mornings. But I don’t do it because of that, I’ve always showered at night.)

Poor little guy has been having some hard nights. Of course he was such an easy newborn. It’s like we’re getting now the sleepless nights and stress that we didn’t have in his first three months. As that spared me some of the worst of the stress of recovering from surgery while dealing with the hard task of integrating a new baby into the family, I’m really glad it was a pain deferred till now. But that doesn’t make two am scream sessions much easier, I’m afraid.

I’m sure he’ll grow out of it eventually; but I’ve not really had much time to write since my computer time during the day is mostly when he’s nursing and I’m not good at nursing and typing at the same time. So a dearth of substantial blogging. So many ideas in my head and so little time to write.

And… he’s awake. Time for bed.

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  • I love your confession resolution!  That’s a great idea. 
    And I learned from my pediatrician when my son went through all sorts of problems that J&J baby care stuff can be really harsh.  She advised us to avoid it.  I never would have guessed!

  • On number 5: I was disappointed that I had to take down the tree on Epiphany because that was the trash pick up day. Doesn’t it seem there always more pretty ideas than time? And will…

    I tried a couple organic shampoos when the commissary started carrying them (Nature’s Gate and Avalon). They might not aggravate your allergies, but they left my hair feeling dry and frizzy.

  • WE had to take the tree down before Epiphany one year because of trash pickup. One advantage of having our own house is having a backyard corner to stash the tree in when we have missed the pickup date.

    I probably should try some organic shampoos. I wish they came in trial sizes as I hate to spend the money on a bottle I may not be able to use. They ten to use so many botanicals that I worry might be allergens. For example I can’t handle chamomile, which is a favorite additive in organic products. I wish I knew what it is that irritates me so I knew what to avoid.