I’ve decided to add a new category ‘wishlist’ to my blog and I will occasionally throw up items that have caught my eye which I’d like to buy for myself but aren’t currently in my budget. This is mostly for my own reference so I can find them again. But I thought if I like them, then perhaps my blog readers might like them too. And also if (hint, hint, family) anyone wants an idea for a present, it being that season… well, then, here are some ideas in addition to my Amazon wishlist.

Today what has caught my eye are pretty snoods:

Tea Lace,

Versatile Snood (love that red!),

Victorian Rose.

(This product brought to me courtesy of the lovely Hallie Lord at Faith and Family Live.)

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  • This was definitely the weekend for tree-buying.  I tried to talk Ivy and Daddy into going out to a farm and cutting down a tree, but they both thought it was too cold. (They were right of course, it was really really cold on Saturday.)  Maybe next year.

  • I don’t know if there are any places around here where you can cut your own tree. I did that once when I was visiting a college friend in Louisiana. her family always cuts their own tree. It was very fun.

  • Oh yes, there are: check out the MA Dept. of Agriculture website, the tree farms are listed the same way pick your own apples are.  There are many listings for SE Mass.  Next year!

  • Thanks, Cathy. I didn’t really mean “if”… I was pretty sure there are places; but I just hadn’t bothered to look it up. Maybe next year… or the year after.