The Situation with Theresa

The Situation with Theresa

Update I took Tree her computer, so you might try to email her. Her cell phone was stolen. I can give anyone her phone# at hospital if you email me.

Last night when we came home from my nephews’ birthday party my sister, who’d stayed home because of a headache, was complaining of nausea and a pain in her right side. Recently she was diagnosed with chronic appendicitis (found while other medical tests were being performed) so I was naturally very concerned. Thinking it better to be safe than sorry, I urged her to not wait until morning. She headed off to the ER at the local hospital and my prayers went with her as I stayed home with my babies.

Early this morning the surgeon called to let me know they’d removed her appendix and she was doing fine and might be able to come home later today. Though he wasn’t sure the appendix really was the source of the pain; it didn’t look all that inflamed. Instead the culprit might be a benign ovarian cyst. Go figure. If you know Tree, this won’t surprise you at all. More medical oddities.

So I talked to her on the phone. She was still in recovery, though the nurse said they’d soon be moving her to a regular room. Hospital speak. Who knows how long that will be. Until they do, I’m not heading to the hospital with three kids in tow. Much as I hate the thought of her being there all alone, my hands are a bit full. 

If any of her friends want her number at the hospital, send me an email and I’ll send it to you. Her cell phone was stolen so she won’t be receiving texts or voice mails.

Prayers for her speedy recovery are appreciated.

I think we’ll be reading Madeleine today.

Update: She’s in a room. We’ll be heading out as soon as I can wrangle 3 kids into clothing.

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