What We’re Watching

What We’re Watching

A music video by L’Angelus:

Dom’s teaching the girls to sing Do, Re, Mi…


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  • My almost 3 yr old has been getting molars forever. I didn’t want to give her medicine for weeks. She saw an old baby bottle one day and now loves ice water in it. She chews on it mostly. I even offered her a pacifer but that wasn’t as nice as the ice cold bottle. Infant teethers just don’t cut it.

  • My eldest daughter once found a vitamin bottle dropper (she never took the vitamins) and it became her favorite toy. She crawled around with it for weeks and chewed on it until the plastic started to break down. My baby now loves the Tylenol bottle. Sometimes I just let her play with it and that seems to calm her down more than the Tylenol.

  • We had an old dropper from gas drops, I think.  It’s still roaming around in our toy basket, pulled out for everything from a teether to a pretend pacifier.  That little rubber top is addictive!

    Lauren is getting 4 molars right now…this should be illegal.  Who can we complain to wink

  • Wow! I guess Sophie isn’t as weird as I thought.

    Sarah, I so agree!

    I think Bella got her incisors then canines then molars so she didn’t have this teething in places where she couldn’t get as with poor Sophie.

  • Why not just take the tylenol out of the bottle and then no worries!

    My kids loved snacking on frozen peas while teething- weird nerdiness!