So Much for Self-Promotion

So Much for Self-Promotion

I missed mentioning it here at the time. Distracted with the new baby or whatnot. But I had a feature on Faith and Family Live a couple of weeks ago. Check it out: Just Say No?

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  • OK, every time you say what is this?  I feel like it’s a personal challenge.  (Not my best quality, I know.)  But: that tall white flower is tall perennial phlox.  (There are creeping phlox and tall phlox.)  It’s not as show-offy as it might be—I actually have that plant in my garden.

  • Cathy,

    That’s why I post the unidentified photos. I count on you (or someone) taking it as a personal challenge and doing the hard work for me. Left to my own devices, I’d never match plants to names.

    I looked up phlox and I think you are right.
    My flower looks very much like the pictures I found of perennial phlox.


    I didn’t get a good shot of the leaves; but definitely not geranium.