Benedict Update

Benedict Update

We just got back from a visit to the pediatrician, which because she didn’t have the right sort of vials turned into trip to the hospital across the street for blood tests. Praying now that Benedict’s bilirubin levels are going down so we don’t have to have him readmitted.

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  • This happened with the Zman, all those many years ago!

    I’m glad your situation is so good, and I’m praying that they’ll let you rest!

    Best to all of you, ‘specially that lovely boy.

  • I’m so glad to hear that you’re set up in a room and can stay by his side. I hope you’re able to rest and can return home soon.
    Prayers for all of you.

  • I’m sorry.  It’s hard to go back under the direction of the hospital when you’ve just gotten free.  Hope you will be out soon.  He looks like a darling baby.