Updates from the Hospital

Updates from the Hospital

Right now I’m going a bit stir-crazy. I’m ready to go home NOW but the doctors are still talking Monday. I’m hoping perhaps we can compromise and Benny and I can get out of here tomorrow.

I don’t know of any pressing reason that we can’t go. Though the nurses like to tell me I’m entitled to stay 4 nights. As if it’s such a great place why would I want to leave. Why do nurses always imagine being in the hospital is more restful than being at home????? I guess they see how the kids behave here and assume they are as noisy at home as in the room. They forget that at least at home that beautiful brood of children can pop in see mom and then go run and play whereas visits at the hospital are all at once, noisy and protracted.

Anyway the one thing that might threaten to keep us is that they’re watching Benny’s skin color. It’s just a little yellow now not enough for them to make him spend any time under the lights. So say a little prayer that we can go home tomorrow and rest and recuperate in peace.

Today my niece Mary came by with my moth-in-law, Dom’s brother John and family came by and of course my girls. ‘The girls love Benedict and miss me, poor things. I miss them too. I’ll be glad to get back to them and Dom most of all. 

We’re going home this afternoon!

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