Tuesday’s Organizational Accomplishments

Tuesday’s Organizational Accomplishments

Another boring post about my days. I feel a need to record all these mundane details, not sure why. Perhaps to remind myself that things really are happening.

Yesterday we went to Target and I made some more progress at household organization. My sister went with us, which was a huge blessing because I’d left my wallet at home and would have had to go back for it except she offered to pay for my stuff and let me pay her back. (She also got us some treats at Starbucks after we’d finished our shopping.

I got a new floor lamp for the office to replace the broken desk lamp that blew off the bookshelf near the window in the storm the other day.  I found some great fabric bins for just $2 each. A steal! I’d been looking at similar bins for a while but couldn’t quite justify the cost. For $2, though, I was willing to buy them even if they didn’t work very well for the pantry shelves. I was sure I’d find a use for them somewhere. As it turns out, they were perfect.

My sister and I spent some time reorganizing the pantry shelves. I wish I’d thought to take a before picture so you can appreciate the magnitude of the improvement. But anyway here’s the after shot:


Unfortunately I started having some contractions last night. Not super serious, just medium-strong and spaced no closer than 5 minutes. But enough to make me put up my feet and ask Dom to finish making dinner. They lasted from early evening till I’d gone to bed. Not fun. But it kept me mindful of praying for my friends who were expecting, two of whom delivered today. So I suppose there was an element of the divine plan there.

So much more I want to get accomplished about the house but I’m also trying to spend time with the girls, and to take it easy. So far I’ve not had nearly the swelling I had with Sophie. In fact I’m still wearing my wedding ring. But I know that’s probably partly because I’ve been making sure to put my feet up for some time every day.


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  • Thanks for this post, Melanie. The hospital had Wi-Fi, so I was able to type on my Ipod on Facebook but couldn’t get the system to post properly on my website. I’d only had the new Ipod for a day and hadn’t figured out how to work everything or put many apps. on it yet either.

    I’ve followed Katherine’s blog. I still find it so funny we both gave birth the same day and then both used the name Elizabeth. I told James, I was glad this baby was a girl just because John wasn’t one of our remaining boy name choices but to have had a boy born on John the Baptist’s birthday and going to be baptized on the feast of his martyrdom might have guilted me something awful. lol.
    God Bless