Quiet and Dreamy

Quiet and Dreamy

I just realized I haven’t posted anything here in a couple of days. I’ve been writing (and writing and writing and editing and editing) some longer book reviews and another longer post and the smaller items ahve just fallen through the cracks.

I did have an OB appt yesterday and we have a green light for July 9 as baby’s birthday. So now we can start planning in earnest. Including trying to set a date for the baptism.

We’ve been watching lots of videos recently.

First, there’s this lovely gem via Mama T:

I’ve never actually listened to Sufjan Stevens before, though I’ve heard the name. I love it. And Bella and Sophie love the video with all the animals! We must have watched it a dozen times at least today. Giraffes! Lions! Zebras! Elephants! This one’s going into the favorites file.

And then Jen got me on a They Might Be Giants kick yesterday:

My senior year in college one of my roomies, the wonderful, crazy Liz, had this album Flood and we listened to it all. the. time. Fun stuff.

So there you go. Enjoy.


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