Joy in the Domestic Church

Joy in the Domestic Church

Donna Marie asks: Tell me what gives you the most joy in your vocation as a mother.

She’s got a new blog View from the Domestic Church and is giving away a copy of her book, The Domestic Church: Room by Room: A Mother’s Study Guide to moms who post a response to her question.

Coincidentally (or perhaps not?), I was just pondering that joy in the moments before I opened her blog page. I was watching Isabella and Sophie playing together in the yard, taking turns sitting in Isabella’s car and laughing together. Such a wonderful sound, their laughter! And then a siren sounded and Isabella began belting out a Hail Mary at an auctioneer’s pace while Sophie folded her hands together solemnly and I saw her mouth the words, Hail Mary in the breathless whisper I’ve seen her use for prayers.

To know that I am teaching them to love God and talk to Him and to know that He is pouring forth His grace in response to my humble efforts and leading them near to His heart, that gives me the such profound joy.  That and seeing them playing together and hearing them laughing together, existing in their own private sister-world. To know that they love each other and take joy in each other. Oh my heart is so full of joy!

Do go and read all the beautiful responses from other mothers in her comments. It lifts up my heart.

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  • This is such a sweet, touching post, Melanie. I have felt so many of the same things you are feeling. You will be in my prayers, as always. smile

    (BTW, I can carry a tune but I can’t compose to save my life. I’m very impressed!)