Modest Denim Maternity Skirts

Modest Denim Maternity Skirts

I wanted to save these links for myself and figured I’d share them with others who might be looking for the same thing. Here are a few sites I’ve found, haven’t ordered from them yet, am still dithering. But having them all in one place will help me when I do make up my mind.

New Creation Apparel has a huge selection of skirts, very reasonable prices. Like I said, I’ve not ordered so I have no idea what the quality is like in person. Still, I’m very tempted. I especially love that they have some styles that come in lengths to 39”. As a 5’ 11” woman, I really like skirts that are long on me and have trouble in that what is ankle-length on a shorter woman is mid-calf on me, what is mid-calf is knee length, etc.

Motherhood has one long denim skirt, does not specify how long “long” is, which is rather annoying. Still, it looks cute and I at least own several of their products and can vouch for their general quality and know how their sizes really fit me.

Modest Apparel has a long denim skirt I’m rather attracted to, though it’s a bit more pricey than either of the others and only 34”.

I’m sitting on the fence and can’t decide. If I do this much longer I won’t need a denim maternity skirt anymore. Only 10 weeks to go until my due date!

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