A Little Rain Must Fall

A Little Rain Must Fall

This morning while I was making breakfast Bella came into the kitchen to tell me that my phone was ringing in the living room (I couldn’t hear it over the running water). It was Dom, calling to say he’d forgotten his glasses and could I possibly bring them by this morning. We were already planning to go out to the grocery store, so it wouldn’t be that much of a detour so I said sure.

It took us a little longer than I anticipated to get out of the door and I was super paranoid about forgetting the glasses. Eventually we did get there and I gave into Bella’s pleading that we go in for a visit. I thought it would just be to stand in the lobby and maybe make a visit to the chapel, but she had her heart set on the elevator so we went on up and made the rounds, saying hi to all of Dom’s co-workers. Bella got some fruit snacks from Anna, her best friend, and the girls loved looking out the big picture window a the great view.

Then we said our goodbyes to Dom and headed for the chapel for a short visit.I hate to pass up an opportunity for even a little prayer before the Blessed Sacrament. Bella dunked her hand in the holy water and crossed herself and genuflected beautifully. We knelt down and said an Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be. Then Bella asked to sing a song so we sang a verse of Immaculate Mary. Then she requested an Alleluia and an Amen. And then she requested yet another song. I realized we could be there all day singing if she had her way so I told her one Regina Caeli and then we had to go.

While we were praying a nun wandered in and then out again. She was the sister who was running the gift shop. When we emerged from the chapel she beckoned us over and presented the girls with a coloring book each and gave all three of us a little Our Lady of Guadalupe medal. I thanked her profusely as she gushed over the girls and their beautiful names.

Then on to the grocery store. Running a bit later than I’d have liked but I brought snacks for the girls to much on so they wouldn’t get too cranky: cheese and rice cakes and raisins. But when we got to the grocery store I realized I’d left my wallet at home. I put it in my purse yesterday for my trip to the OB and forgot to move it back to the diaper bag. So back home we had to go. At least I realized before we even got into the store, not at the register with a cart full of groceries. And at least our little time int he chapel and visit with sister had left me calm so I did not freak out but calmly put Sophie back in the car seat, handed out more snacks and turned for home.

It was starting to rain and getting chilly and we didn’t have jackets for the girls and it was getting late. Even though we’re desperately low on some things, I decided not to try to go back after I got the wallet. Bella was heartbroken, though. She was set on going to the store. I mollified her with a strawberry milk shake and fish sticks for lunch.

While I was getting that, my sister called looking for someone to commiserate with her. Seems she’d overslept this morning when she was supposed to open the store. Then she got outside to find that someone had egged her car.

I fell asleep after putting the girls down for naps, so no run to the grocery store when my sister got home. I know I needed the nap; but now I need to rummage through the fridge and pantry and find something to fix for dinner. We’ve already done take-out once this week and leftovers last night. Time to get my creative hat on.

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