A Spring Mini- Break

A Spring Mini- Break

Today was busy, busy, busy; but in a good way.

Sophie woke us up very early, 6 am, which is more than an hour before the usual time and not at all happy to this non-morning person. I woke up from a sound dream and could not get into gear. Thank goodness Dom was taking the day off so I didn’t have to. I got up and got her started on breakfast (so very grateful this was one of those mornings she was content with cereal and didn’t insist on nursing) and then crawled back into bed for another hour snooze. My husband is a hero! I felt so much more human when I woke up again at my usual 7:30.

I had an OB appt this morning (the reason Dom took off from work). I love having that time to myself, the half hour drive there, the quiet reading time in the waiting room, the half hour drive back. It’s like a mini vacation. Space to hear myself think.

When I got home everyone was very glad to see me. Bella greeted me happily from her perch in the bathroom. Sophie squealed and came racing to meet me as fast as her little legs could carry her: “Mama! Mama! Mama!” (Are there any syllables that sound sweeter?) Dom looked very relieved too.

I ate reheated leftover Chinese for lunch outside on the table in the yard with my book propped open while the girls played out front with Dom. Not sure why they were in the front; but they were. The sun was warm, the breeze cool, and I was able to eat without having to get up half a dozen times to fetch someone else’s lunch. Dom had already fed the girls. After lunch the girls went down for an early nap. Sophie was so tired from her early morning that she fell asleep with no protest more than an hour before her usual time. (And slept for an extra hour to boot, according to my sister.) So I had a bit more quiet time to check email and do some online shopping, ordering up a few birthday presents for Bella.

And then here’s where it gets very, very good. My sister came home from work and Dom and I slipped off by ourselves to see a matinee. A real date! We got popcorn and a drink to share and cozied up in an almost empty theater with huge amounts of legroom. Seriously, I could barely touch the seat in front of me with my feet, no aching knees and hips for this pregnant mama!

Star Trek was everything one could want in an exciting date movie. Dom is a huge fan and while I’m not exactly a fan, my mom is so I’ve been exposed to all things Trek my whole life and was able to appreciate the movie as a great ride and to get most of the inside jokes. That first scene, though, was maybe not one a seven month pregnant mom needs to see. Not bad, just, well, there’s these things called hormones that make my eyes do odd things even when I don’t want them to. Fortunately, once we got past that bit all was exciting non-stop roller coaster, just what I expected from J.J Abrams.

The last movie we saw in a theater was about a year ago. My sister-in-law watched Bella and we took baby Sophie with us to see Indiana Jones. Sophie cried and nursed and nursed and cried and would not fall asleep even though she was exhausted and I was distracted to say the least. the last times before that were when we saw X-Men and Lady in the Water when Bella was a baby and we took her with us. But the last time Dom and I went to the movies just the two of us was before we were married, at least four years ago. It was so nice to just sit back and relax without worrying about a baby making a fuss, to hold Dom’s hand and munch his popcorn, drink his drink, and enjoy the show with no distractions.

When we got home Sophie was overjoyed. Bella, though, had to relive her banged up nose and although she’d cried when it happened and then got over it, she had to cry in my lap for a bit and get the mommy sympathy. I have to say, though, that having had some just-me time in the morning and some just-us time in the afternoon made me oh so happy to see my little girls and it was oh so much easier to be patient and sympathetic. I didn’t realize how much I needed a vacation until I felt how different it was to come back to them after a little break.

To round off the day perfectly there was tonight’s season finale of Lost, which as expected ended with a bang. Oh the agony of having to wait until 2010. I think we’ll be spending the summer watching our season 3 and 4 dvds (Dom and I got each other the same Christmas present.) Lost with a bowl of chocolate ice cream and a slice of lemon cake, a perfect ending to a perfect day.


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