My First Daffodils!


I thought those were daffodils poking their way up in the corner of the back yard. Today they opened and confirmed my prediction. Oh my heart is dancing full of gladness.


Bright yellow, pure joy. I adore daffodils.


I love the shadows on the fence, the way the bright green and gold of the daffodils stands out so brightly against all the brown and gray.

I think those might be tulips coming up to the right? No buds yet, but the leaves look familiar.

Wouldn’t a statue of Mary look absolutely lovely in this corner, framed by the rock and the fence with flowers blooming at her feet?

For next year I want to plant more and more bulbs. I want not just one clump but oceans of daffodils. Ok, oceans may be beyond my budget; but I want more.

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