St Louis of France and the Eucharist

St Louis of France and the Eucharist

from Eucharistic Miracles by Joan Carroll Cruz

Another demonstration of faith was enacted by St. Louis (d. 1270), King Louis IX of France. His biographies relate that once, during the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament in the chapel in his residence, the saint was working in his study when a courtier excitedly burst in, exclaiming, “Sire, the Infant Jesus is appearing in the Host upon the altar!” the saint calmly continued his writing, quietly replying, “I could not believe more firmly in Christ’s presence in the Eucharist if I were to behold a miracle.”


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  • It has always irritated me to hear people complain about “boring” homilies; there’s food for thought and something to learn from all of them. Especially, as you say, if we pray for the homilist, and make an effort to pay attention.

  • Nice! It reminds me of one time after Mass many years ago when my oldest (now 15) was perhaps 4 years old. John and I were talking about the homily after Mass and complaining about it to some degree. She responded somewhat harshly, “He’s doing the best he can!” I was blown away!